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AGM-MR1 Microphone Recording System

am digital arts GmbH - Licensed from National Research and Development Council UK

System consisted of Microphone, Pre-Amp with power for Microphone and remote gain stages (RS422 from Controller), Analog to Digital Conversion, Mic signal A-Format to B-Format Conversion. Other system components: B-Format to UHJ conversion, B-Format Mixer, B-Format to Multichannel decoder.
Advanced digital highest quality recording system for 360 degree surround sound recording and signal processing.

In (about) 1992 I decided it was a good idea to develop surround sound recording equipment to compliment the replay systems I had been using since 1987. This was mainly due to client demands (see article on Touchdown Studios). All of these developments were however very expensive and about 10 years ahead of the market. Only recently has the awareness of 5.1 surround for home reproduction led to any developments of note in this field. agm were doing all of this some 10-15 years ago (modestly speaking)!

The AGM MR1 is a microphone system designed with Danish Pro Audio (who helped design and manufactured the microphone assembly using four carefully matched B&K 4011 capsules). A remotely controlled mic preamp balanced the signals and fed four channels of analogue to digital conversion made by Prism Sound in Cambridge England. Signals were then processed and "steered" using a specially developed DSP system and the resulting signals could be decoded to pretty much any speaker layout or number of channels.

At the time of development the market for such systems very small and also expensive to approach. It's not that AGM wanted to disappoint many enthusiasts by seeming unwilling to lend out the remaining system ad libitum but, frankly, we had to make money and although this was one of the most advanced and prestigious developments in modern audio, the chances of making it make money in any other capacity than our own in-house recording system was deemed very remote.

AGM has made several recordings with this system - also a test recording for ORF with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under Riccardo Muti playing Bruckner's 7th Symphony.

Please note: I am selling some of these microphone assemblies to those who want to build their own more up to date systems. Most of the software necessary (if not all) is available in the public domain (which is one reason I was never too enthusiastic about building these commercially). The assemblies are expensive so don't expect some second hand boot-sale prices. I have a few of these and the assets are better liquidated to finance my other adventures.
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