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Provenance is an adventure that follows money, greed, deceit, love, passion and, a lot of manipulation across mainland Europe. From the grey facades of Watford to the calm sun-blessed Croisette of Cannes via New York and the financial capitals of Switzerland and corporate anonymity of the island of Malta. Everything focusses eventually on an upmarket palatial hotel in Gstaad. Jasper is well-off through inheritance from the dealings in the works of fellow contemporary artists of his philanderer- and general rake father. The inheritance allows for a blessed peaceful and luxurious existence on the French riviera until he meets Sarah, a much younger English art-student. She turns his life upside down and, after a disastrous parting of their ways, they both undertake journeys in life that eventually brings them to meet again. Is this coincidence or more the manipulation of a third party bent on revenge? In the background the financial games of hunting cryptocurrency fraudsters and digital geniuses passes wealth from one account to another under the noses of GCHQ and the Swiss Police.
Anthony G Morris
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