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It's not the actual writing of the stories that is difficult. That just flows and is either there or it isn't. The problem comes when all of that information is typed and you go back over it to realise that it's not is a specifically understood language. It's generally written in colloquial rough dialog form with endless mistyped and repeated words. The job then starts of making it into something tidy and hopefully understood by a majority. It takes bloody ages!

This has been an interesting exercise writing stories. Telling them is OK over beer or two and repeating the bits that cause absent faces but writing them? My respect to authors who have to try to do this for a living! Then it's a case of having something and then trying to sell it in a very overcrowded and sceptical market place….

The latest mock up for the paperback edition that will end up on Amazon some time later next month I believe. The lady on the left is Lady Hallé who features a little bit in some of the text about Asolo in Italy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.49.00 Uhr