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Having spent 5 minutes or so listing how many times I have moved house since my 17th year on this planet (not including the 5 times up until then, they were beyond my control) it comes to about 26 times. One amasses a lot of stuff in 40 odd years of not bothering to file things away properly. I always had the luxury of enough space but recently, the storage space I had rented declared they were to be closed and pulled down and there seems to be no space anywhere else near Garmisch. It is a case of throwing a heck of a lot of stuff away. If I had an army of workers and a few weeks time, eBay could manage to swallow most of this but the sad thing is that there is no time, there is no local market for electronics and other studio stuff, so, to the tip it will go.

However, one comes across interesting old documents from one's past. Here are two term reports from my short time at Trinity in London. My Horn teacher, poor bloke, I was really a difficult student, thought I was head strong. My composition teacher that I was destined for a career as an electronic composer… Bless them… if only I had have listened.

reports trinity

Meanwhile, back to sorting..